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Africa’s prime
Unlocking clean
energy for clean power

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP is a multi-award winning Energy Infrastructure Development, Climate Impact Investment and Asset Management Group of Companies. 

As of 2019, GENESIS is proud to have the Largest Clean Energy Bond in West Africa.

GENESIS has been dedicated to Lighting up Africa one Community at a Time, inspired and motivated to  positively impact and drive social, economic and environmental change across the continent.

As a champion of the decarbonisation agenda,  we leverage technologies such as Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Gas-to-Power, Hydro, Wind, Hydrogen and Hybrid Solutions.

We have a proven track-record in providing reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy solutions to replace expensive and dirty energy sources such as Diesel or Heavy Fuel Oil, particularly for commercial and heavy industries.

Our strong balance sheet, access to equity risk capital and large equity funding provides a solid foundation to efficiently develop projects and bring them to a commercial close, creating climate-positive investment solutions and bankable opportunities.

Since 2005, GENESIS ENERGY GROUP has been developing and financing clean energy projects with a capacity of up to 3GW across Africa to date. Our dream is to provide lighting for children to do their homework, provide power for entrepreneurs to run their operations and ensure that governments have the energy to drive their nations forward. We believe in Africa, and we intend to be the power behind its exciting future.

We work through our subsidiaries, all of whom are experts in specific areas.

Our Vision

To light up Africa one Community at a Time.

Our Mission

To provide a dependable clean energy ecosystem, through which African nations can unlock their inherent potentials for economic growth.

Energy Solutions & Projects

Africa faces many challenges but carries huge opportunities that remains to be unlocked while  it transitions to clean energy production. As of 2020, according to the Energy Progress Report 2022, 77% of people (600 million) in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity. However, Africa’s geographic diversity holds vast potential for solar and wind power, and its soils are home to many of the minerals and rare earths needed for the development of clean energy technologies.

One of the main factors limiting access to power is cost. Achieving electrification for everyone in sub-Saharan Africa would require investing at least $31 billion per year by 2030, according to the above mentioned report.

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP is committed to providing reliable, affordable, and environmental friendly energy solutions to replace expensive and dirty energy sources.

From natural gas, solar, hydro projects and many more, we currently have over 100MW of power generated from our operational assets with over 3GW in our development pipeline.

Our Diversified Development Pipeline


± 3GW


100+ MW


USD 228 M+

contracted investments of over

$ 500M

Our Investments Are Aligned With The SDGS:

Impact Investments

Africa’s Climate Impact Investor

GENESIS Energy Group has invested over US$150M in climate impact projects and secured US$38M through USAID, the largest energy infrastructure bond in Nigeria and first ever credit enhancement provided by the US government in Africa.


GENESIS ENERGY GROUP and its strong & reliable partners have proven track records of developing and owning viable operating projects, as well as newly built projects (multiple deal-flow).

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP has always committed itself to partnering with viable financial, technical and legal experts to deploy its various  power and gas projects across several countries on the African continent.

Corporate Responsibility

We strongly believe that sustainable growth isn’t attainable without investing in the development of the community and the protection of the environment. This is why, in addition to Lighting Up Africa,  we are also decarbonizing the Continent and Empowering it, creating a positive climate impact for a Powerful Change.

To date, we have displaced 4.9 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions over the past nine years and created 990 full-time jobs.

We continue to partner with organisations that prioritise positive environmental and social impact.

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