About Us

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP is a multi-award winning Energy Infrastructure Development, Climate Impact Investment and Asset Management Group of Companies.

We deploy fast-track high quality energy solutions leveraging on  technologies such as Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Gas-to-Power, Hydro, Wind, Hydrogen and Hybrid Solutions.

We do so by providing a range of innovative, relevant, and efficient energy solutions to industries, governments, and communities. Our solutions provide much needed excess electricity, and efficiently drive the economic empowerment of Africa.   

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP takes great pride in its participation throughout the entire energy project life cycle and value chain. Our services include:

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP is a champion of the decarbonisation agenda. We have a proven track-record in providing reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy solutions to replace expensive and dirty energy sources such as Diesel or Heavy Fuel Oil, particularly for commercial and heavy industries.

Our strong balance sheet, access to equity risk capital and large equity funding provides a solid foundation to efficiently develop projects and deploy fast-track, high-quality energy solutions.

Since 2005, GENESIS ENERGY GROUP has been developing and financing clean energy projects with a capacity of up to 3GW across Africa to date. Our dream is to provide lighting for children to do their homework, provide power for entrepreneurs to run their operations and ensure that governments have the energy to drive their nations forward. We believe in Africa, and we intend to be the power behind its exciting future

Our Vision

To Light up Africa one Community at a Time.

Our Mission

To provide a dependable clean energy ecosystem through which African nations can unlock their inherent economic potentials for sustainable growth.

GENESIS Energy Group Subsidiaries

Energy First – Transforming Nature To Electricity

Energy First Limited provides world class, cost effective and inclusive energy systems by leveraging renewable energy sources such as Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage Systems and Wind technology to minimise carbon footprint.  Energy First caters to Utility Scale, Commercial and Industrial (C&I), and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) clientele. From mines to telecommunications, healthcare to education, agriculture to consumer-focused retail solutions, Energy First has a solution that will guarantee cost savings.

Constant Power – Gas for Good…Gas for Decarbonisation

Constant Power Solutions International is one of Africa’s most innovative clean power developers committed to Decarbonizing Africa and drives sustainable commercial and industrial expansion by displacing Diesel and Heavy Fuel oil applications with cleaner sources of fuel such as Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Piped Natural Gas (“PNG”) and Liquified Petroleum Gas (“LPG”).

Constant Power has pioneered some of the most innovative solutions on the continent, amongst its successes is the deployment of the smallest Micro LNG power plant in Nigeria, and the first ever LPG-to-Power Plant in Mali.

Our Milestones: Shining a Light on Our Past

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP’s history started nearly two decades ago, being one of the few companies in the continent to conceive the notion that all Africans should have easy access to affordable and clean electricity.

Over the years, we’ve followed through on our vision to light up Africa one community at a time. In doing so, we’ve overcome numerous challenges to establish our rightful place in the energy sector.

Here is a look into selected milestones across Africa: