Akinwole Omoboriowo: The Silent Achiever

Mastery is the goal of the game, not popularity or constant recognition. Keeping this in mind, Akinwole Omoboriowo II, the amiable CEO of Genesis Electricity, has continued to climb to the heights of business achievement with his entrepreneurial prowess. At a time of infrastructural failure and ensuing doubts, attention turns to one individual who can reintroduce light into the situation.

Omoboriowo is the CEO and Chairman of Genesis Energy Group, a successful and multi-award-winning group of companies with strong interests in the development of energy infrastructure, climate impact investment, and asset management. Doubling as the Chairman Board of Directors of the largest licensed Commercial OffGrid company in Nigeria, GEL Utility, Omoboriowo’s name is resounding.

Oddly, despite the successes named after him, Omoboriowo manages to keep his achievements under wraps. Committed to lighting up the nation and bringing the necessary components for a modern life to communities in Nigeria, perhaps Omoboriowo expects the fruition of his goals before walking into the light.

A silent achiever by all accounts, Omoboriowo’s innovativeness has motivated the energy and oil and gas industries to make adjustments to operational models. This is ultimately expected since Omoboriowo’s creative strategies are driven by decades of hands-on experience in enterprise building and sustainability.

Omoboriowo’s name may not be well-known among ordinary people, but he is a corporate giant in the eyes of industrialists, investors, and market watchers. Definitely one of the most innovative business people around today, high-profile advisory boards, such as that of the Global Thinkers Forum UK and Shell Foundation UK, recognise his genius and have benefitted greatly from Omoboriowo’s strategies.

For a master like Omoboriowo, the days of darkness are only opportunities to turn up the light. At Genesis Electricity, that is exactly what Omoboriowo and his team are doing. Outside the shores of the nation, they are adding significantly to the good name of Nigerians.